XDOG Weight & Fitness Vest

Fits All Dog Breeds.

Build muscle. Improve strength and overall health in your dog.


Improve Health.

The XDOG Vest is designed to help improve any dog's overall health, strength and well-being. Turn the average walk into a health improving workout with wearing it only a few minutes a day! The patent-pending design fits safely for comfort and movement.

Reduce Anxiety.

The XDOG vest was designed to fit all breeds of dogs from XS to XL in size. The vest features

Combat Obesity.

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Customer Feedback

I Love this Vest!!! My boy is getting faster and stronger!! Pics from Practice the other day... He got 12' on the wall which is his PB he almost had 12' 4" which is what we are going for next weekend! He ran 200 yards in 5.38 seconds.

– Christine Williamson

Fifteen minutes of fetch in the vest wears this little beast out faster than anything else, and she builds muscle faster too! We love our XS XDOG Vest!

– Kate Wesolowski

Bailey's training paid off with XDOG vest for her first dockdog competition of the season this weekend! She got first place in extreme vertical, first place in big air, and second place in speed retrieve!

– Chelsea Francolino

Finally started training with our XL XDog West. Can't wait for results in her conditioning

– Yulia Lulek-Lialchik Bo



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