Arete Canine Weight Vest Review

A weighted dog vest made by Arete

According to the manufacturer, Arete Canine weight vest is designed to build strength and stamina in your dog through exercise. This product comes complete with weight pockets, a sturdy harness that goes around the chest and neck, and a leash hook. You can add or remove metal weights during the training to reduce or intensify weight loss or muscle building. The chest and neck straps are for fitting the vest snugly against the dog's body to prevent the weights from shifting.

The vest is made of heavyweight ballistic nylon. According to the architects, this is the same material used in bullet-proof vests. The jacket is double stitched and fitted with adjustable straps to fit the dog's girth. There are additional front straps for harnessing the workout jacket to the body of the dog. The Arete canine weight vest also has metal buckles for joining the girth and front straps to achieve a compact fit. To control your pet during strength training, you can make use of the stitched-in D-Ring leash hold.

The Arete canine weight vest also comes fitted with a leash hook. It is a sewn in D-Ring at the collar of the canine vest where you attach the leash for controlling your dog during training. The inside of the weight vest and straps features cushion materials to keep the dog comfortable during the workout.

Beyond that, the vest is designed with many horizontal compartments on either side for packing 8oz steel ingots. This canine fitness vest is designed for energetic dogs, coming in various sizes including small, medium, large and extra-large. The larger the jacket, the more weights it can take. Including the ingots, the small size vest weighs 7 pounds; the medium weighs 9 pounds, the large size 14 pounds, and the extra-large 22 pounds.

The girth circumference of the small size Arete Canine weight vest is between 19-28 inches, the medium is between 20.5 -25 inches, the large ranges between 25 -35 inches while the extra-large is between 37- 51 inches. 

The base of the neck for the small size Arete Canine weight vest is between 12 -15 inches, for the medium size it's between 15- 21 inches, 21-25 inches for the large size and 27-30 inches for the extra-large. Weight loss and muscle building results with the Arete Canine weight vest vary from one pet to another. Factors such as age, weight or sex determine how much weight the dogs can carry.

Arete Canine weight vest costs about $149.99 on Amazon. The fitness vest can come in handy to those looking to build their dog's muscle strength and size. It's also applicable in reducing canine obesity through exercise and calming down restless, energetic dogs. The vest is not suitable for dogs below two years old, dogs with limb injuries or cats. Then again, because it comes with no cooling packs, you should be cautious about exercising your dog in hot conditions with this vest.

Important to remember: Safe canine strength training should be done gradually. Always start out with small weights and slowly increase them as your dog gets accustomed to the workout.