The Top 5 Best Hiking Backpacks for Dogs

The Top 5 Best Hiking Backpacks for Dogs

Are you in the moods to go hiking with your best friend?

Well, it is a great idea and the best part is that you can have your dog carry its own backpack with supplies for the journey.

Backpacks have an added advantage, just like anxiety vest, they wrap the dog’s upper body and apply the same soothing pressure like calming vests. These packs allow your best friend to carry its water, treats, bowls, and food which can easily be stored in the saddlebags.

Training your Dog to use a Backpack

To train your dog to use backpacks is easy. You can begin preparing your pet to use these them by starting out with short park walks with empty packs and gradually increasing the load to comfortable levels with time.

Getting the best hiking Backpacks for Dogs

However, the question is how do you get the right backpack for your dog? This is a great question considering that there are many options out there with many levels of functionality, quality, and durability. Thus, choosing might not be that easy. Nonetheless, we will give you a review of the Best Hiking Backpacks for Dogs.

Top five best hiking backpacks for Dogs

Ruff Wear Approach

This is an everyday dog backpack with an excellent fit, performance, and functionality. It is designed with comfortable, durable, and lightweight materials. Moreover, it has a streamlined shape, integrated harness, reflective trim, non-slip straps and sheltered buckle straps. They also come in five sizes; xx-small-small, small, medium and large. These features make the backpack convenient to carry a load and easy to use for any dog.

Ruff wear – Palisades Multi-Day Backcountry pack

This backpack has a modified Web Master harness with 4 attachment points for comfortable weight distributing and load stability. The pack includes removable spacious saddlebags and collapsible hydration bottles ideal for a backcountry hike. 

In addition, this pack has a load compression system to hold the load in place securely. And if you wanted to keep your dog close, there is a leash attachment above the pack having a reflective trim which makes you to have a close eye on your dog on low light areas.
If you come across an obstacle, do not worry, the pack has padded assistance handle to help your pet go over obstacles. Unlike its counterpart which comes in five sizes, this one comes in 3 sizes; small, medium, and large.

Outward Hound Daypack Dog Backpack

This pack is available in 2 and 3 different colors (blue and green) and sizes (small, medium and large), respectively. It is becoming popular as it features saddlebag-style design ideal for everyday errand and gateways with your dog. It is light with 4 expandable pockets that hold load securely ensuring that you will have hands-free day fun with your pet.

This is because it is made with adjustable straps keeping the backpack in position. In addition, it has a leash attachment, a reflective pipping, and breathable mesh material to keep your dog cool while allowing enough ventilation for a refreshing airflow.

Cesar Millan Dog Pack

Are looking for a dog pack made of durable, strong, and water-resistant fabric? If your answer is yes, this pack provides all 3 in one. The pack is designed to keep the weight towards the strongest part of dog (the front shoulders) allowing it to carry the load effortlessly. Also, it has center buckles to securely hold the load, a reflective detailing for visibility, and mesh cushion for comfortability and appropriate ventilation.

Pawaboo Dog Pack

Do you have a pet that weighs between 39 to 60lbs? This pack is ideal for your dog as it weighs 9oz. It is perfect for shopping, hiking, walking, and jogging. The adjustable straps enable you to properly fit the pack to the dog and safely secure the load on those expandable and spacious pockets. If you were wondering whether your dog will be comfortable in it, the pack is made of high-quality 600D oxford cloth that is light and breathable. This pack comes in medium size only.

Whichever backpack you choose among these best hiking backpacks for dogs, never let your dog carry more than 25% of its weight.
To get the best pack always consider what you need the pack for and for how long. If it for extensive use, go for those that are water-resistant, durable, and lightweight.
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