The Best 3 Calming Vests for Dogs.

Just like humans, dogs too suffer from stress and anxiety. Dogs with mild anxiety may bark or shake when exposed to thunder or other loud noises. The behavior becomes untamable in case anxiety grows and becomes intense. They may become too much aggressive, destructive or even fall sick.

Pet owners must understand that dog anxiety is a reality and can be handled. It’s a behavior they should not overlook as it can worsen with time. In fact, several studies have shown that anxiety in dogs can graduate to a serious health concern and can manifest itself in several ways.

However, the behavior can be tamed through swaddling. Calming vests help to provide gentle and constant pressure that helps to calm an anxious dog. Below are the top 3 calming vests for dogs.

Thundershirt Sports Dog Anxiety Vest

    Thundershirt Sports Dog Vest is manufactured by a company that understands pets. They have even established various rescue organizations for animals. Thundershirt Sports Anxiety vest is designed with a durable fabric that fits the dog’s torso snugly but still allows for movement and comfort.

    The vest is easy to clean as superficial dirt can be quickly wiped off. It is machine-washable and doesn’t collect fur making it simple to care and maintain. Thundershirt Anxiety Vest has been proven to deliver over 80% success rate in calming anxiety in dogs during thunder, separation, fireworks, travel and vet visits.

    It features a quick wrap system that is easy to adjust. There is no need for medication or training for one to use this vest. It is recommended for dogs that show signs of nervousness, whining and agitation as reactions to loud noise. When buying the vest, it is advisable to select the right size.

    American Kennel Club Anti-anxiety Stress Relief Vest for Dogs

      AKC Anti-anxiety vest is designed for dogs that suffer from various forms of stress and anxiety due to loud noises. The vest is available in multiple sizes and colors. X-Small sizes are ideal for dogs with 13-18 inch chest sizes while those with 18-26 inches of chest size can use X-L sizes.

      The vest is made of attractive and durable material. It is tight and hugs the dog’s body pretty well making it feel secure and relieved in cases of loud noises and adverse drug side effects. It features an adjustable Velcro wrap system that makes it easy to put on and take off.

      It comes with a relatively lower price tag than most dog vest brands.
      It is machine-washable making it very easy to care and maintain.

      Mellow Shirt Anxiety Calming Wrap

        Mellow Shirt Dog Vest provides constant and moderate pressure that helps to soothe fear and anxiety in dogs. It is designed with a soft, flexible and machine-washable material that is very easy to clean.

        It is breathable, and lightweight thus won’t impact on the dog’s movement. Its closure system features a hook-and-loop design for quick adjustments. It is available in different sizes ranging from X-S to X-L.

        Studies have revealed that Mellow Shirt works instantly to provide a calming effect to dogs that are sensitive to the slightest storms. The vest doesn’t need any drugs or triggers as it works naturally.

        Stress and anxiety in dogs are rampant especially during vet trips, thunderstorms, long car rides and during separations or when left alone at home. Dog vests have been proven to help provide some sense of safety and stop anxiety.

        They have some impact on a dog’s psychology and helps to make them feel safe in a natural manner. However, when choosing dog vest, features such as torso coverage, material design, softness, flexibility, breathability, and comfort are essential. The above are the top three dog vests that pet owners should consider.