K9FIT Vest Review

K9FIT Vest Review

K9FIT Vest reviews

K9FitVest provides a convenient way not only to exercise your dog but also cool it and reduce its anxiety. The design of the vest is such that it allows easy movement of your dog.  The K9FitVest enhances your dog's strength by using weight resistance. The weights on either side of the dog's body exert pressure on the skeletal muscles throughout the dog’s movement. In turn, the dog’s body responds by building muscle strength and muscle mass. 

According to their website this vest is best used for dog owners looking to increase the strength and muscle mass or canine rehabilitation officers looking to rehabilitate an ailing dog's fitness.

Weights compartments

The vest features pockets for inserting weights to suit your dog's exercise program. That enables you to turn your dog walking sessions into sessions of resistance training. With proper weights, you can build your dog's muscles, improve its blood circulation and enhance its flexibility. The vest is uniformly sewn so that weights don't shift to one side or the other during training.

Sensory integration 

According to the makers, the vest uses a compression fabric that produces a hugging effect on your dog. The material is made of Tactel® that is meant to fit securely. The integrated sensory structure is such that compression and calming are triggered by your dog's nervousness situations like thunderstorms.

Cold packs

The K9FitVest is made of the lightweight material, and cold packs are placed in the pockets to cool the dog on a hot a weather. This cooling comfort is essential during dog training to prevent fatigue and nonchalance.

Reflective material

The K9FitVest is made of reflective material. This inclusion is a safety precaution to increase the visibility of your dog in low light conditions; at night, early morning or in snowy weather.

The kit comes with 2 reusable cold packs. When training your dog, the vest has to tightly around its body otherwise the weights will shift to one side. The jacket can be cleaned by the use of machine or hand wash. You have to remove the cold packs and the weights before washing. The product comes in various sizes including Large, Medium, Medium, Small, X-Large, and X-Small and can be purchased for around $39.99. You can purchase this vest at fitpawsusa.com or Amazon.com

Additional Information


  • Calms anxious canines
  • The cold packs come in handy in hot weather
  • Reflective gear for safety
  • Provides strength and core workout for your dog


  • The size of the vest cannot be adjusted, and so it cannot be used another dog of a different size
  • No harness hook or zipper 
  • There is no way to know what weights are suitable