LA Guard Dog Vest Review

The manufacturer, LaGuard states that this vest can improve the fitness and conditioning of your dog by enabling impactful exercises. The jacket is inspired by the concept of ankle weights in joggers; applying weighted pressure on specific joints or muscles. That is how athletes get to lose weight or build lean muscles fast and safe. LaGuard postulates that the same can be true for canines. The design of the vest is tuned to that effect.

Dogs have varying workout needs, and so the LaGuard Fitness vest might deliver mixed results. It depends on the weight, height, age or even the health condition of your dog. These factors determine the number of weights the hound can carry, and the resultant muscle gain or weight loss.

Material and design

The vest features an exclusive weighing system that will enable you to measure the resistance level of your dog with different types of weights. Laguard Fitness Vest is made to fit sleekly to your dog's physique. According to the LagGuard, this fitness vest also helps to calm restless dogs, keeping it focused on the workout session.

Though not giving details, the manufacturers state the fitness vest features a patented design that improves the physical and mental health of your pet. LaGuard suggests that small canine exercises are made more impactful with this fitness vest.

Weights and Weight compartments

LaGuard Fitness vest comes with sewn-in pockets where you can insert the weights when training your dog. The zippered pockets can carry different weights depending on the size of the jacket. When in use, the vest has to fit tightly to prevent the weights from shifting. LaGuard Fitness Vest uses silver bars and gold bars for the weights. The silver bars weigh approximately 4 oz. while the gold bars weigh about 5 oz. 

How it works

It fits compactly, helping to reduce anxiety and aggression in restless pets. The idea is to tire your dog with an intense workout so that it becomes too spent to be hyperactive and unruly. The LaGuard Fitness vest also builds endurance as you can add loads to the compartments. The products come in two sizes; medium and large. The medium size vest can carry up to 13 pounds of weights while the large size vest can carry up to 17 pounds.

When adding weight to the pockets, do it slowly, adding one or two bars at a time. Also, keep the vest balanced on the body of your dog by packing the weights in the highest pockets of the jacket. Veterinary advisory; a dog should not carry more than 1/3 of its weight.

LaGuard Fitness Vest goes at $99.99 on The vest is suitable for training athlete dogs in preparation for a competition, or obese canines that need to reduce weight and build lean muscles. LaGuard Fitness Vest can also be used in calming down pets that are overly aggressive or anxious. Exercise provides them an avenue to expel the excess energy. For safety purposes, the vest should not be used on puppies.