Leerburg Weighted Vest Review

The Leerburg weighted vest can be used for two purposes -- it assists your pet to build muscle and burn excess energy. Manufactured by Leerburg, this dog training gear can help your pet to reach its full potential.

The primary objective of this weighted vest is to put additional weight for walking, body-weight exercises, speed or distance running, agility & quickness drills so that the lower-body muscles of your pet can automatically generate more force against the ground and improve its power, strength, speed, and acceleration.

The brand claims to inspire and contribute to the overall health, fitness, and well-being of dogs by offering high-quality education, products, and training equipment to their customers.

According to Leerburg, the equipment that this brand sells is designed, used, and tested by professional dog trainers who are the experts in this industry.

The Leerburg weighted vests are typically made from heavy, double-stitched, and premium-grade Cordura denier-backed fabric that ensures an optimum durability and longevity.

Several sections of these vests (such as underside, upper backside, and the shoulder side) are lined with soft and comfortable faux sheepskin. These vests come with individual zippered pockets where you can easily add one-pound weights or half-pound weights. 

The large-sized vests come with ten pockets and ten weights. Likewise, the medium-sized vests have eight separate pockets and eight weights.

The small-sized vests have eight zippered pocket sections with half-pound weights (a total of four on each individual side).

Three different size options are available for Leerburg weighted vests, such as Large, Medium, and Small. Hence, depending on the size of your pet, you are advised to pick an ideal product.

This product can be a way to help your pet to build muscles and lead a healthier lifestyle. But, the manufacturer of this product strongly recommends not to use the vest if your pet dog is less than two years old. The reason is -- dogs continue to evolve, grow, and mature till they are around two years old.

Therefore, adding some additional weights to your lovely pet before it has become physically matured may lead to muscle pain and joint problems. 

The price of this product can range between $75.90 - $108.90. The actual price largely depends on the size of the weighted vest.

• Suitable for dogs that are 2 years old and more
• Backed with heavy and high-quality Cordura denier fabric
• Double stitched
• Extra weights are available
• Helps your pet to build lean muscles, burn excess energy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle

How Can You Purchase It? You can easily purchase the product online i.e. directly from the official website of Leerburg. Other than that, you may purchase it via e-commerce platforms like Amazon.com.
The brand recommends introducing this vest to your pets without any weights. And, once they have become used to wearing this Leerburg vest, you can slowly add extra weight to enhance calorie burn, build strength and muscle faster.