Ruffwear Backpack Review

Ruffwear Back Pack Review

This dog-pack is a product by Ruffwear, a fitness dog gear company in the UK. Ruffwear Back Pack is available everywhere in stores around the world. Ruffwear Back Pack resembles the common canine workout vests but with bigger pockets for carrying supplies during a hike.

Material and design

The product features a multi-point adjustable harness system, water water-resistant nylon material, coated zippers, a leash loop, and reflective trim for visibility in low light conditions. The sturdy harness wraps around the dog's trunk and neck. The Web Master™ harness is meant to prevent the loads from falling as the dog rushes through thick bushes. The harness system also includes a handle and metal clip for guiding the dog.

Ruffwear Back Pack also includes two saddlebags on either side of the harness system. Each saddlebag features a large compartment and a smaller stash pocket on the top side. Beyond that, the Ruffwear Back Pack includes extra gear loops stitched at the top of the pack. This enables the hound to carry often-used items like lights.

More to the design, Ruffwear Back Pack comes with multiple adjusters for the harness straps, enabling it to fit any dog's physique. The pack comes with two leash loops; an aluminum V-ring and a webbing loop. The straps are cushioned to protect your pet from discomfort, hair loss, and blisters associated with weight pulling.

Size and weight

The dog pack comes in different sizes including small (weighing about 2 oz.), medium (4 oz.), large (7 oz.) and extra-large (9 oz.). You can also find extra small sizes weighing between 11.5 and 14.5 ounces. The small size Ruffwear Back Pack measures between 22- 27 inches in circumference while the medium is between 27- 32 inches. 

The large and extra-large packs are between 32 -42 inches in circumference. The capacity of the small Ruffwear Back Pack is 9 liters, 12 liters for the medium sized dog pack and 16 liters for the large and extra-large.


The manufacturer promises a smooth backpacking experience with this dog pack. The non-slip girth straps, so they say, provide a balanced weight distribution on the body of the hound. The saddlebags are deeper at the front than the back.

The extra straps and harness prevent the saddle bag from wavering during movement, but they might hinder your dog's performance. The dog will have to move at a slower pace and avoid high jumps. Otherwise, it will succumb to fatigue. What makes this dog pack beneficial is the fact that it can maintain stability and balance throughout the dog's movement

Ruffwear Back Pack goes at $89 on Amazon. The vest can come in handy for hikers who want to go backpacking with their dogs. Then again, it can be used simply for strength training. For safety purposes, the Ruffwear Back Pack shouldn't be used on dogs with limb injuries or puppies under two years of age. You risk worsening limb injuries or stunting growth in the puppies.