Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of the most frequently asked questioned about the XDOG vest and it's attachments.

Do weights come with the vest?

The XDOG weight vest uses sand-filled bags as weights. The bags are removable from the vest and can be inserted in the vest in pouches on both sides of the vest. When you purchase a vest we also include a free set of empty bags. The bags are high quality nylon that open at one end allow you to insert sand in them and are sealed with a velcro. The bag is then inserted in the pouch on the vest. The bags are securely snug inside each pouch.

We do not uses metal bar weights as they can be more dangerous and can cause injury to your dog if fallen or landing incorrectly.  Bar weights can cause more pressure on your dog and most importantly don't couture with your dog's body during movement like sand does.

How much additional weight does the vest weight when the sand-bags are fully loaded?

The weight vest was designed to add an additional 5%-10% of your dog's body weight. When the vest is fully loaded with all sand-bags filled expect the results below.

XS - (1.25 lbs - 1.5 lbs)
Small - (2.75 lbs - 3 lbs)
Med - (4.25 lbs- 4.5 lbs)
Large - (7.25 lbs - 7.5 lbs)
XL - (11.25 lbs - 11.5 lbs)

Is it possible to add more weight?

Yes, we've had customers replace the sand with copper bb's. This will add 3-5x more additional weight then using sand.

Is the vest waterproof? 

Yes, the vest is made of waterproof material. We do not recommend adding any weights to a vest if your dog is expected to swim or jump in water. Please monitor your dog at all times if wearing a vest in water.

What age can my dog start to wear the vest?

At 1 years old. 

What size vest do I need for my dogs?

Here is a size chart to help you. Also check out our Instagram to view photos of different breeds wearing the vest to help you visually size your dog in comparison. We also tag the size the dog is wearing on the photo's description. And finally keep in mind we offer FREE exchanges. If you purchase a wrong size we'll exchange it free.



When will my order arrive?

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